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On The Internet Canadian Casinos are a wonderful area to play on-line betting without the concern of shedding cash. If you are seeking to play a great video game of on the internet roulette or bingo, you require to look no further than on the internet Canadian online casinos. These are the same online gambling enterprises that you discover in the United States. In fact, there are a lot more Canadian online casinos than there are American online casinos.

Canadian Online gambling enterprises are among the best methods to delight in a gambling establishment game in a comfortable atmosphere. There is no more demand to drive to a casino site or to stand in line to obtain a free spin of a roulette video game or a cost-free spin of a vending machine. You can play from your very own computer or laptop computer. No deposit perks are a wonderful way to play while still having a good time.

Cost-free money is something that you can not access several gambling enterprises. It is also more difficult to get to if you are trying to play at a gambling enterprise in your house. No deposit benefits are a superb means to get a totally free money benefit. A cost-free cash bonus offer generally has a low restriction. You can get a great deal of these sorts of benefits when you are playing in an on the internet Canadian gambling enterprise.

You can get a great deal of totally free cash in on-line Canadian gambling establishments. Numerous players have actually won a great deal of cash in one video game of live roulette or a single video game of a vending machine and then just never play that video game again. These players simply quit and do not bother to try their good luck once more.

The exact same holds true of the video game of bingo. A lot of players have actually won a lot of money in this game of bingo, however after that simply quit playing. There is no requirement to surrender free cash to play this game.

Canadian Online gambling establishments have a number of promotions and also free gifts that they are running. One of the preferred games that is regularly used is the game of roulette. A number of various games of live roulette are provided each week.

These promotions can be in the form of various ways to play the video games. You can play a game for free or for a little fee. Several of these promos supply you the chance to play a solitary game. and after that obtain a cost-free spin of the wheel for a defined variety of rotates. Various other promotions provide you a variety of totally free rotates to play Continue and after that a particular variety of cost-free cash.

There are a variety of games on the internet that need you to bet real money. You can earn money playing genuine money games online at an on-line Canadian casino site. You can additionally make money to play at an on-line Canadian casino site if you play on a certain site.

When you play online at an on-line Canadian casino you can play any kind of number of video games that you desire. You do not need to restrict on your own to only one or 2 video games each day.

On the internet Canadian online casinos have a variety of Bonuses promos taking place that are going to keep you coming back. If you are a follower of texas hold'em then you are mosting likely to enjoy online, Canadian casinos. There are a variety of different poker rooms on the net that you can play in.

You can play area games for cash or you can bet totally free. A few of the free area games are for a period of time and after that you get paid for playing on the room games.

There are a variety of different types of on the internet rooms that you can play in. You can play a video game of texas hold'em, blackjack, live roulette, bingo, and also even a game of craps. There are a variety of various websites that use these different video games. If you have actually never ever played on the internet Canadian casino sites prior to then you remain in for a real reward.


Mastering the Blackjack Counting Method


Casino games are often said to have their own winning strategies and tactics. The famous Blackjack, in particular, is used by core players around the world in a variety of ways.

One of the most commonly used strategies is “counting”. This method is also used in baccarat and is an essential method among the core players.

Online Canadian Casinos

Be aware that counting may not be available or effective!

Counting is an important part of playing blackjack, but it is not always available in some places.

It is considered a prohibited activity at land casinos and depending on where you use it, it may be useless.

First of all, it is important to know where you can use “counting”.

Live online casinos are the most effective.

In the case of live casinos, it is live (live), so you can get some idea of how many cards are left that have not yet been dealt.

You will also know when the cards will be reset, so you can start counting as soon as they are reset.

Not available for regular online casino games.

In online casinos, you can use counting because you won’t be warned to take notes.

However, for regular games (the type where you are playing against a computer), counting is largely ineffective.

Counting is a strategy to figure out which cards have not yet been dealt.

In regular casino games, you do not know where the cards are reset and how many decks are being used. So it does not matter how many cards you count. It also does not matter how much you count.

Furthermore, since no one can see what you are doing, they won’t be suspicious that you have a pen or notebook with you.

For land casinos, you need a good memory.

There is no land casino in Japan, but you can make use of it when you go to a casino abroad.

However, you can’t take notes, so you need to have a good memory to be effective.

How does counting work?

“Counting” means to memorize the cards that have been played in the field. So that a “shoe” that has not yet been played in the field can be counted. A “shoe” is the act of predicting the cards in play. It is a collection of cards (deck) that you will draw as you progress through the game.

The contents of the shoe are not the same every time, and there will always be a bias.

The idea of counting is to use that bias against you.

As a general rule in counting, blackjack contains many cards whose numerical value is treated as a “10”.

Therefore, figuring out how many “10, J, Q, and K” cards are left is a good way to keep the bias. This is an important point of distinction. The “A” is also an important card in the case of counting “11”.

For example, let’s say that the players have a total of 10 or 11. At this point, if the player knows that there are many “tens” left in the shoe, he can subtract the “10” and count the “2. We can see that we are in a favorable situation where it is easy to approach “1”.

On the other hand, what if the total value on the player’s side is a subtle value around “15-17”? You will be able to decide not to play an unreasonable game because the probability of drawing a “10” and bursting is high.

And it’s important to look at the cards on the dealer’s side as well as the player’s side.

What if you are in a situation where there are a lot of “10s” in the shoe and the dealer’s open card is as high as a “9” or “10”? Then you are more likely to draw a “10” next and burst.

In this case, you’ll be able to decide that you don’t want to force yourself to take a hit. Let your opponent draw a card to burst.

If the game progresses and the dealer’s side reaches a subtle total in the vicinity of “15-17”, you have an even better chance. I didn’t force myself to take a hit and let the dealer draw a 10 to burst, and I was able to win.

Thus, if you are counting, you are either in an “advantageous” or “disadvantageous” situation. You will be able to find out how to play the game. It’s a very difficult method, but it’s so effective that it’s banned in real casinos.

The Counting Method

Counting is the act of grasping the contents of the shoe by remembering the cards in the field. But if you have to memorize every card that appears on the field, it’s not easy. Even if you are a player-dealer, it is difficult. But if you play online with other people, you will be able to “memorize. In a “live blackjack,” you have to memorize other people’s cards as well. So having a significant memory is also a must This is a very difficult task.

The counting method was designed to divide the cards into groups and manage them by simple calculations.

There are many different ways to count. Here’s an easy-to-understand “high-low system” method. In this system, cards with “10 and A” are -1. Cards with “7, 8, and 9” are +/- 0. The “2, 3, 4, 5, and 6” cards are +1. Calculate them using the three different values.

As mentioned above, the “10” cards are very important in determining bias. By counting these important cards together as a negative value, it is possible to identify bias more efficiently. You will be able to do this.

Let’s take a look at an example of how the process actually works.

Learn counting by example.

Now, let’s put it into practice with Live Blackjack, which is played online with other players. In most casinos, the game is played by a maximum of eight players. It includes yourself, seven players plus one dealer.

There are very few cases where the room is full. We’ll assume that players have four seats filled this time around. Let’s start the game immediately and see how the first game goes.

  • Dealer : 9F, QueenF

  • Player 1: 10F, AceD

  • Player 2: 3F, KingD, 6H

  • Player 3: JackH, 10D

  • Player 4: 4S, 5S, 2H, 4F


Player 1 first counts the cards in his or her hand. A “10” counts as -1, and “A” also counts as -1. Calculating -1-1 is “-2”.

On player 2: A “3” counts as +1, a “K” counts as -1, and a “6” counts as +1. Calculating +1 – 1 + 1 is “+1”.

Next is player 3: A “J” counts as -1 and a “10” counts as -1. Calculating -1-1 is “-2”.

Then, player 4: A “4” counts as +1, a “5” counts as +1, a “2” counts as +1, and a “4” counts as +1. 1+1+1+1 is calculated as “+4”.

Now that the player has been counted, check the dealer for the last time. A “9” counts as +/-0 and a “Q” counts as -1. Calculating “-1” is “-1”.

Then add up the results for all the players and the dealer:

(-2) + (+1) + (-2) + (+4) + (-1) = +/- 0

In this game, we are now “+/- 0”.

In these cases, keep your betting almost unchanged. Continue counting further and see what happens.

If the count result is negative

Since all “10” cards are counted as negative, the more negative the “10 You can see that the “10” is out of the shoe to the field. In other words, the more negative the total number is, the less likely you are to pull a “10”. So it will be appropriate to wait for your opponent to burst while avoiding the game.

If the counting results are positive

The more cards other than “10” are on the field, the more pluses you have, so in that case, you can put “10” in the shoe. You can see that there are more “10” cards left in the game. This means that the more positive the total number is, the more likely you are to draw a “10”, so the more hits. It is appropriate to actively choose to double down.

By playing the above three patterns of betting in different ways, you will be able to make the most of your counting. It doesn’t necessarily follow the results of every game counting, so you’ll see the effects immediately on the spot. Let’s go for the win in the long run instead of hoping for it.

Practice counting at online casinos

In the long run, counting is steadily effective, but it’s not always easy to do it in real casinos.

In fact, counting is a famous method of winning, but it is often prevented by the casinos.

If it is done too blatantly, you could be banned from the store. This is more proof that it is highly effective.

But what if it’s an “online casino” instead of a real casino? You’re not being seen in your face when you do the counting, so unless you’re in a position to do so. The dealer and the other players won’t be suspicious of you.

Also, it can be difficult to keep track of the count in your mind when you are not used to counting. In this case, you can use notepaper to count steadily. It would be banned in a real casino, but it’s not a problem in an online casino.

Online casinos are a great place to go, especially if you are a beginner in counting. Of course, this is a great way for all those who want to aim for steady wins. It makes sense that online casino is an easy environment to count.

It can be quite tough in the beginning, but you’ll gradually build up your technique as you play more and more often.

Notes on Counting


It doesn’t matter how well you can tell the shoe from the cards on the table. The future of winning or losing depends on the amount of your bets and the actions you take afterward. It is important to always keep a cool head and assess the appropriate move to make.

To do so, you must first be aware of “losing patterns” when you are counting.

As we have said many times before, the more “tens” in a shoe in blackjack, the more cards in the shoe, the better off you are. Conversely, the more tens in the shoe, the more cards other than tens in the shoe, the more disadvantageous it is for the player.

If there are too many “10” cards in the shoe, you can make your opponent draw them to burst and make yourself. It can lead to victory. On the other hand, if you have a lot of “2, 3, 4, 5, and 6” cards in the shoe, it’s hard to get to a burst. You cannot take it with you.

It is appropriate to refrain from playing aggressively when the shoe has a lot of “2, 3, 4, 5, and 6” cards, which are small numbers.

In counting, if the “2, 3, 4, 5, 6” cards are divided and counted as “+”. If you find yourself leaning towards the “+” in your counting, move on to cautious play.

Various counting methods

Above, I showed you the famous “High-Low System” counting method. But there are various other systems that you can learn and apply in the game. Basically, there are two types of counting systems available. From the simple ones designed to be easy to understand for beginners to the ones used by professionals based on detailed theory. There is a wide range of systems that do just that. Let’s start with the most obvious ones.

Casual System

The casual system, as the name suggests, is a simple specification that anyone can handle. This is a counting system that is not done theoretically, but mainly based on the senses.

If you feel that you have a lot of high-value cards in the field, you can play aggressively. And if you have a lot of low-value cards in the field, you can win. If you feel that you are out, proceed with the game carefully. This is the only casual system and we don’t think about anything else difficult. It’s a basic counting method that is easy for even beginners to follow.

At first glance, it may seem too monotonous and unreliable, but it can be applied to using a difficult system. You could say that this is a “beginner’s” position. Not only is the system easy for beginners to use, but it can also be used to hone your instincts.

K-O system

It’s called the “K-O system” or the “knockout system,” and it uses a count value. The system is an introductory standing for the system. It is not similar to the “High-Low System”.

The “High-Low System” counts “2, 3, 4, 5, and 6” as +1, but the K-O The system counts up to “2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7” as +1. As a result, the two “8 and 9” are counted as +/- 0.

Depending on the sum of the count values, there are features that change the playstyle as follows.

When the total of the count values reaches +2 or more → Active bets are placed.

If the total of the count value is less than +2, the player makes a cautious bet.

Red Seven Count

The Red Seven Count is based on the high-low system and is based on the red suits. This is a counting method that treats the 7 as a special treat. It’s a great way to challenge yourself when you get used to basic counting. It is also a great way to take the first step to intermediate. The system is the same as the high-low system.

The basics of counting are the same as in the high-low system but in the Red Seven Count. The “7 Divide the card count by its color. If you get a red 7, it’s +1, and if you get a black 7, it’s +/-0.

Also note that the starting count value is the “number of decks in the shoe x -2”. Most of the time, it’s made up of 6 decks, so in that case, 6 x -2 to start the count at -12. Start the count and determine when the negative value decreases and approaches “0” as an opportunity.

In the Red Seven Count, there are other minor actions such as insurances and double down. You can also decide on the timing. Once you get used to it, you can learn and introduce it to that one as well.


Hi-Opt One (Hi-OPT I) is a one-deck-only counting system that counts cards in a slightly different way than the major high-low systems. It is an intermediate method that is more accurate due to additional elements.

The feature of this system is that it counts “2” and “A” as +/-0. This can be a bit confusing, but by doing this, a more accurate count is achieved. Using this method can further improve the accuracy by incorporating two methods.

The first is “A’s Side Count,” where A is the “1 or 11” in blackjack. You are in a position to do a special counting.

Special cards can be divided and raised in a special count, which allows for more precise counting.

The second is the “true count”. The second is the “true count”, which is the number of cards remaining in the shoe divided by the count value.

For example, if the count value is -2 and the number of remaining shoes is 20, you can divide the count value by (-2)/20 to get -0.1. Which means this is a very special factor. This tells you that the higher the value, the better your chances are.


Hi-Opt Two (Hi-OPT II) is an advanced counting system that subdivides the count into four subdivisions for further accuracy. The additional elements will be the same as Hi-OPT One.

Counting will look something like this:

  • Player 1: -2

  • Player 2: +1

  • Player 3: +2

  • Player 4: -/+0


I’m omitting the -1 and introducing a new counting method of +2 and -2. I’m counting A as +/-0. It’s a feature, and this is the point at which this part of the program is even more effective.

As for the additional elements, it’s the same as Hi-Opt One. If you’re curious about it, you can study it and learn the counting skills.


Zen is an advanced counting system that subdivides the count values into four subdivisions for further accuracy.

It is similar to Hi-Opt-2 in that there is true counting for count values and additional elements. But Zen eliminates the need for an A side count.

Counting looks like the following:

  • Player 1: -2

  • Player 2: +1

  • Player 3: +2

  • Player 4: -/+0


An “A” card counted as ±0 in Hi-Optwo is counted as -2 in this system. If you look at ±0, +1 and +2, you can see that the cards are well balanced. This system focuses on stability and is a very reliable counting.

For additional elements, the same “true counting” system is used as in High Opt One.

With the Zen system, it’s difficult to learn it unless you have some experience with counting. You’ll have to learn it slowly through repeated games.

And no matter how many advanced systems you use, it doesn’t mean that you will always win. Even if you use the Zen system and the count and true count values are both credible. Make sure you don’t bet huge amounts of money.

Always keep in mind that no counting system is an “instant win”, but rather a “long term win”.


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